Portugal Start-Up: How to get to Lisbon Web Summit

domingo, 6 de novembro de 2016

How to get to Lisbon Web Summit

There are several ways to get to FIL and the MEO Arena at the Parque das Nações where will run the Web Summit 2016.
Let's look at the main transportation to get to the Web Summit:

Getting to the Web Summit 2016

By public transport, particularly taxi or Uber, the options are many:

Plane: Lisbon Airport is about 2 km from Parque das Nações where will run the Web Summit. If you are arriving to Lisbon by plane and want to move right away to the Web Summit the best is to do it by Metro (subway), it is just 2 stations away and is quite economical. We advise not to take taxi from the airport to the Web Summit as taxi drivers do not like to do such small distances.

Train: Oriente station is quite near the place where the course Web Summit.

Taxis: There are plenty of taxis in the area as well as taxi stops.

Bus: In addition to the terminal for long distance buses, Carris buses (bus network inside Lisbon) that pass in Web Summit area have the following numbers: 208, 400, 705, 708, 725, 744, 759 and 782.
Consult these buses on the Carris website.

Metro: Oriente Station, is a 5-minute walk of events.
Consult the diagram of the Lisbon Metro here.

Uber: Uber prepared for Web Summit and works very well in Lisbon, may be the best option if there are cars available. Alternatively you can try Cabify.

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